Amazing Toyota Camatte57s Concept Car

The 2013 edition of the International Tokyo Toy Show will start off on June 13 and last until June 16. During the event, Toyota will unveil the Camatte57s car concept, which is a lovely family-orientated open-top vehicle that features a wide array of customization options.

Amazing Toyota Camatte57s Concept Car (10)

This vehicle provides a great way of bringing parents and their children closer together, since they could have a great time assembling and customizing it according to their own tastes and needs.  As far as the design customizations are concerned, the Camatte57s’ body comprises 57 detachable lightweight panels. Furthermore, the vehicle’s open-top layout allows for a more enjoyable driving experience, giving off a sense of utmost freedom.

The interior arrangements create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere, with one front seat and two rear seats arranged in a triangular pattern. However, the most incredible innovation that this car brings to the table is that it can be driven by children. The seats along with the braking and acceleration pedals can be customized as such that they can be easily operated by children, while an adult sits in the rear-right seat and helps with steering and braking.

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