The Amazing Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia

Cambodia is fascinating in many ways, one of which is its history and the vestiges it left behind. The site of the Ta Prohm temple is an excellent example of the country’s many wonderful sights. Its origins go back to the 12th century, when it was built in the richly ornate Bayon style. You can find it less than a mile away from Angkor Thom, Siem Reap Province.

The Amazing Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia

Its unaltered architecture, together with the appeal of the surrounding jungle and the undulating tree roots that cover the walls have made this place a perfect candidate for the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is also why the temple is one of the most visited attractions in the area, with countless tourists coming here with their cameras to take full advantage of the photogenic ruins. Oh, and did you know that Tomb Rider was shot in this somewhat eerie place?

Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia

The Amazing Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia Entrance


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