Amazing i-Road Three Wheeler Concept by Toyota

Since it’s becoming harder and harder to navigate through the streets of our big cities and get to our destinations in a desired timeframe, Toyota aims to solve this problem once and for all through their Harmonious Mobility Network, also known as Ha:mo. This new system is based on the principle of sharing, as users have the possibility to rent an electric vehicle and to drop it off once they arrive at their destination. Obviously, the entire workings of this project are much more complicated than this, but the idea itself is fairly innovative and seems to work quite well when applied on a small scale.

i-Road Three Wheeler Concept by Toyota (4)

Right now, the system boasts 10 Toyota COMS personal mobility vehicles and ten Toyota PAS power assisted bicycles, which can be rented from 4 stations in Toyota City, in Aichi, Japan. During this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the company unveiled an amazing three-wheeler electric personal mobility vehicle dubbed i-Road, and many thought that it would never actually be put into full production.

They were half-right, because Toyota now wants to produce the i-Road as part of their Ha:mo project, which means that about 100 of these small vehicles will actually see the light of day after all. The three-wheeler boasts two in-line seats and is able to lean into corners for better maneuverability. Other details include a range of 30 miles as well as a top speed of 30 mph, which makes it perfect for urban city transportation purposes.

Toyota has big plans for the future as far as Ha:mo is concerned, since it wants to expand the system to include a total of 100 PAS bicycles, 100 COMS and 100 i-Roads by early 2014. The number of rental stations would also be increased to 17, while the service fees would be somewhere at around 20 US cents per minute.

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