The Amazing J’ade Superyacht with Floating Garage

There’s something incredibly appealing about world firsts. Take for instance the new J’ade superyacht, which is the world’s first yacht to have a floating garage. We bet magnates from all over the world are already calling their accountants to find out if they can afford to buy another luxury vessel.

The Amazing J’ade Superyacht with Floating Garage

The yacht is the result of an awesome collaboration between Italian shipbuilder CRN and the design geniuses at Zuccon International Project. The idea for the project came from Lamberto Tacoli, the managing director at CRN. He was a long-time advocate of floodable tender garages, and with this 197-foot yacht his dream has come true.

When unviled at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show, J’ade was one of the finalists in the interior design category, so you know that the floating garage is not the only thing that makes this beauty truly exceptional. The designers and architects planned this project to offer a strong connection with the water, and the garage is just part of that philosophy. The huge floor-to-ceiling windows also enhance that same feel of being one with the sea.

The garage, which is a hydraulically-operated bay, can drain out all the water in only 3 minutes, and it can easily become a relaxed beach club with terrace and ocean pool. Embracing the ocean has never been easier. When the fun is over and done, the owner and his or her 10 guests can retreat to the luxurious rooms and relaxation areas onboard, enjoying a perfect time with 13 crew members catering to their every need.

J’ade Superyacht

J’ade Superyacht View

J’ade Superyacht with Floating Garage

Floating Garage J’ade Superyacht

J’ade Superyacht Terrace

J’ade Superyacht Living Room

J’ade Superyacht Living

J’ade Superyacht Bedroom View

J’ade Superyacht Bathroom

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