Amazing Harry Potter Experience at The Georgian House Hotel

This is going to be so exciting for all the Harry Potter fans out there! If you want a memorable Hogwarts-inspired experience, The Georgian House Hotel in London is going to offer you that for $400 a night. The hotel’s Harry Potter themed suite is equally welcoming for Purebloods and Muggle-borns, and even fans with no magic powers whatsoever. So don’t be shy to book the Wizard Chamber, no matter what your origins are!

The Georgian House Hotel Bedroom

The suite has an alluring gothic feel and is decorated with magic-inspired items, such as cauldrons and potion bottles. Having two bedrooms, it features comfortable four-poster beds, old-looking desks, Hogwarts-worthy tall chairs, and a series of mirrors that resemble gothic windows for a more convincing effect.

Don’t worry about the food, though. You won’t be getting any chocolate frogs or other tricky snacks – regular English Breakfasts will be on your morning menu every day. A night’s stay for two will cost you about $400, plus some $115 for each additional adult and $96 for every kid.

Visitors will also enjoy a trip to the Warner Bros Studios (where props, sets and secrets awaits them), as the rooms are actually available as part of a larger Harry Potter Tour package. Oh, and a Muggle Walking Tour of London is also included. This is getting more exciting by the minute, isn’t it?

The Georgian House Hotel Room

Harry Potter Experience at The Georgian House Hotel

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