Amazing Handcrafted Haute Couture Jewelry by Butani

If you know a thing or two about fine jewelry, then you have definitely heard about Butani by now. But just in case you didn’t, you will tell you that Butani Jewelry is one of the most appreciated high-end  jewelry brands in Hong Kong, boasting vast experience and a heritage that dates back to 1977.

jewelry from Butani (4)

This outstanding company is also known for supporting Hong Kong cricket games through its lavish creations, which include a solid gold cricket bat and the lavish Sixes trophy. However, even though the brand enjoys a high degree of popularity for decades, its Hong Kong boutique was opened recently in 2012, while its premier jewelry store was unveiled in Macau in 2007.

The sublime creations you can see in the pictures represent incredible jewelry masterpieces that look as if they were manufactured for royalty. All pieces were made by hand, and they flaunt high-end diamonds as well as colored gemstones in yellow, orange or pink, while the designs revolve around floral themes.

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