Amazing Glass Conservatory House near Mexico City

If too much transparency doesn’t scare you, then you will surely be enchanted by the Glass Conservatory House by Lorenzo Alvarez Arquitectos. The structure was built upon an abandoned tennis court somewhere in a forest near Mexico City. The conservatory-like part is actually an extension of an existing home and it is dedicated to the family’s day-to-day activities.

Glass Conservatory House

While the owners use the main residence for sleeping and privacy, the five luminous rooms made of glass, steel, wood and stone are dedicated to dining, living, entertaining and gardening. The shape of the conservatory reminds us of old cottage architecture, but the unexpectedly fresh approach makes it modern and truly inspiring.

Inspiration also came from early English greenhouses, but instead of it being entirely dedicated to plants, the space is also ideal for humans, encouraging relaxation and contemplation, as well as a healthy connection with the environment. Day and night, the Glass Conservatory House is like a crystal castle in the middle of the forest.

Glass Conservatory House Dinning Room

Amazing Glass Conservatory House near Mexico City

Glass Conservatory House Exterior Design

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