Amazing Glass Beach Near Fort Bragg, California

The so-called Glass Beach can be found in MacKerricher State Park, California, and is called this way because of the large amounts of sea glass found on its shores. Surprisingly, the beauty of the beach is actually owed to massive amounts of garbage that were dumped here in the early 20th century by nearby residents for many years.

Glass Beach 3
Glass Beach 5

Glass Beach

Eventually, the California State Water Resources Control Board closed the massive garbage dump in 1967 and started numerous cleanup programs that were meant to restore the beach to its former state. Over the years, the waters have claimed most of the remaining waste and broke down everything except pottery pieces and glass. Through repeated tumbling motions, these glass and ceramic pieces were smoothed out and became quite the attraction, luring in an increasing number of visitors that were curious about their formation process and amazed by their stunning looks. Furthermore, the private owner of the beach decided in 1998 that the land should belong to the state, and so he started a 5-year process of cleaning up and restoring Glass Beach before incorporating it into MacKerricher State Park in October 2002.

Glass Beach 2

Glass Beach

Glass Beach 6

Glass Beach

Nowadays, the Glass Beach is a very important tourist attraction, but glass collecting is not allowed on the park’s portion of the beach. However, guests can gather as many colorful glass pieces as they want from nearby sites.

Glass Beach 4

Glass Beach

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