The Amazing Glacier National Park

With over one million acres of majestic wilderness, Glacier National Park is one of the largest and most pristine ecosystems in North America. It is located in Montana, U.S., but it stretches beyond the border reaching two of Canada’s provinces: British Columbia and Alberta.

Glacier National Park (22)

Originally inhabited by Native Americans, this vast area of land officially became a national park in 1910, and we are forever grateful for that! Even for Montana, a state with many beautiful wild places, Glacier is a spectacular sight and an amazing place in which people can reconnect with nature. One of the best things about it is that it still holds almost all the original animal and plant species in a large number of different ecosystems, ranging from tundra to prairie.

The park is home to over a thousand plant species and hundreds of animal species, including rare and endangered ones, such as the beautiful Canadian Lynx and the cute but dangerous wolverine. Lucky visitors also often spot various types of moose and massive grizzly bears, which is always an unforgettable experience.

Even without spotting any animals (which is virtually impossible with the multitude of birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish that live here), a visit to the Glacier is always a memorable thing. Majestic mountains, over 130 named lakes and massive glaciers are only some of the numerous natural marvels that await you here.  During the mid-19th century there were approximately 150 glaciers in the park, but their number dropped down to only 25 by 2010. Experts believe that all remaining active glaciers could disappear by 2020 if the current weather patterns continue to remain unchanged.

The sedimentary rocks in this area are said to hold some of the best preserved fossilized examples of very early life on our planet. So not only does the surface of the park hold natural treasures, but so does its multiple underground layers of sediments and history. This is truly a place to cherish and protect, a natural oasis that can still remind us of our origins.

Recreational activities in the Glacier National Park are varied and always exciting. Hiking is very popular here, with the park offering about 700 miles of trails ready to be explored. You can come here to fish as well, or engage in fun adventures like bicycle or horseback trips that can last for several days. There is also the possibility to take a tour with one of the iconic Red Jammer buses, but nothing really compares to exploring the land by foot and taking time to smell the flowers…literally.

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