Amazing Furniture Collection by Mercedes-Benz

It would seem that the renowned carmaker Mercedes-Benz decided to expand its influence and bring forth a series of exquisite furniture pieces, which were created through a collaboration with an Italian manufacturer named Formitalia Luxury Group. The Mercedes-Benz furniture collection embodies the irreproachable engineering prowess of the famed German brand but also the finesse and passion brought forth by the Italian company. With that in mind, we decided to have a closer look at this unique collection, so we will now describe each furniture piece in detail.

Amazing Furniture Collection by Mercedes-Benz (1)

We start off with a cute due of a lounge chair and stool, both made using high quality materials such as leather, wood and aluminum. The chair and stool are based on beautiful, curvy wooden frames enveloped in aluminum and covered in gorgeous pinkish brown leather.

Next up is this exquisite sofa that is based on a superb wooden frame enveloped in premium leather. According to preference, the sides of the sofa can be completely covered in leather or done in wood. Gorgeous to look at and comfortable to sit on, this sofa would definitely be great addition to any modern living room.

The coffee table is absolutely stunning as well, flaunting a magnificent, contemporary layout that is able to impress instantly. The table consists of a veneer-covered curbed wood piece placed on a sturdy, metallic structure.

The second sofa included in the collection boasts a more elegant design, featuring gorgeous black leather adorned with diamond stitching on the arms and back. This sofa is based on a metal frame, and it would look great in a lounge or living room.

The second coffee table from the Mercedes-Benz collection flaunts a high-quality wooden top covered in grey veneer decorated with exquisite black organic patterns that give off a sense of modern elegance. According to the client’s preference, this table can also come with a glossy finish.

Last but not least, the lavish Mercedes-Benz bed was designed with minimalism and elegance in mind, flaunting matte aluminum feet as well as a white leather headboard and rear frame. Moreover, the high-quality leather comes with diamond stitching for a plus of sophistication and luxury.

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