Amazing Christmas Stairs Decoration Ideas

It’s Christmas time again and that means decorating! The tree, the table, the windows and the doors should all be adorned with colorful, sparkly, festive decorations such as mistletoe branches, bows, balls, burlaps and Christmas figurines, but your stairs also deserve a bit of attention, wouldn’t you agree?

Christmas Stairs Decoration

Christmas Stairs Decoration

Now depending on whether you choose to decorate your home in a more romantic or traditional style, there is a plethora of possibilities and choices. Can’t decide? We’re here to give you a few examples of stairs decorations, so that you may have an easier time picking what you want to do for your own.

Christmas Stairs Decoration Ideas 1

Christmas stockings look perfect as they hang from the side of the stairs, and in this particular example, they were stuffed with little figurines depicting polar bears, reindeer and even white cats. Moreover, you can also put a small table underneath the stockings and place a cup of tea and some cookies on it, as this would represent a perfect snack for Santa. Your children would definitely love this particular decoration.

Christmas Stairs Decoration Ideas 2

You can always go simple if you don’t have a lot of time to put into decorating your stairs. Hanging a few Christmas balls from the stairs can prove to be an amazing idea, especially if you alternate the colors. In this particular example, the owner used green, yellow and clear balls, but you can also use a combination between red and green or white and blue according to preference.

Christmas Stairs Decoration Ideas 3

For a more romantic effect, you can use candle jars of different sizes that are placed on each step. Once you light up every candle, the whole staircase would appear as if it was drawn out of a fairy tale. You can also put several pine branches and red Christmas balls next to the candle jars.

Christmas Stairs Decoration Ideas 4

A combination between Christmas lights, pinecones and intertwined spruce branches looks absolutely spectacular as a staircase decoration. Moreover, several Christmas plants such as poinsettia, mistletoe or holly can also be placed nearby for an extra holiday feel.

Christmas Stairs Decoration Ideas 5

You can always hang up Christmas dolls such as angles, trees, Santas or reindeer on your staircase this year. Putting small pine branches in between each doll can also embellish the decoration and make it pop more easily, while ivy can also be used since it symbolizes eternity and resurrection.

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