Amazing Bishop Castle in Pueblo, Colorado

Even though it might not look like the massive medieval castles we are accustomed to, the Bishop Castle‘s greatness was not achieved through its appearance, but through its significance. To clarify, this castle was named after its maker, Jim Bishop, who apparently built it all by himself on a two and a half acre parcel that he bought for $450 at the age of 15.

Amazing Bishop Castle in Pueblo, Colorado (1)

The whole idea of building a castle started at a very young age for Jim with the construction of a simple one-room cottage surrounded by stones. Since his friends and visitors all pointed out that the cottage resembled a castle, Jim Bishop thought it would be best to build the real thing. As the construction project took shape, many visitors offered to help Jim fulfill his dream of finishing his own fortress, but in the end nobody actually showed up to lend a hand. Armed with patience and determination, he soldiered on and completed his castle while using nearby rocks and mortar as building material. This stirred a bit of controversy with the local administration and the US government who wanted to charge Bishop for the stones, but in the end all matters were settled.

Today, Bishop Castle is a very important landmark of Pueblo, Colorado, and it is even shown on the official map of the Frontier Pathways Scenic and Historic Byway. Even though its builder could have made quite a lot of money by implementing entrance fees for guests, he publicly declared and even drafted legal documents stating that everyone would always be welcome to visit the castle free of charge as long as it stands. Attractions include a superb Grand Ballroom and a Fire-Breathing Dragon statue made out of discarded stainless steel warming plates.

This extraordinary creation is still a work in progress, and Jim stated: “I want to live as long as I can and keep building that castle bigger and bigger and bigger.” Apparently, the great builder still has important plans for the future, since he hopes to implement a roller coaster on the castle’s outer wall as well as a large balcony.

One comment on “Amazing Bishop Castle in Pueblo, Colorado

  1. Gianna Papdopouloa

    Mr. Jim Bishop.
    What a Beautiful Castle. so much determination,and the work that went into that and all on your own, I marvel at people that stick to there wants needs and determination to keep going. you remind me of my husband, he did everything himself. was in a car accident with broken arm leg, ruptured kidney, could not talk walk doing anything for so long, than one day he also asked for help just to build something, no one would help, I told him Iam your partner, and we worked side by side, building what he wanted to do somedays very bad screaming with pain, but he still swung that shovel, axe, dragged out the saws electrical saws,Sawed boards pounded nails, still screaming after (6 months) screams were lesser smile singing joking more after that After (64)years of marriage) he passed away this past March. I miss him his toughness and still to me he was gentle, friend. Death leaves a Heartache No one can Heal.
    But Love leaves Memories No one can ever Steal!
    Sorry I got carried away.
    How can I get to your Castle? are cars a lot to go there, or a Bus??


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