All About Marriage Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock’s

200,000 tourists are expected in the small principality of Monaco, which has no more than 35,000 inhabitants and no fewer than 360,000 bank accounts, to take part in events celebrating the marriage of the Prince of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock’s.

All About Marriage Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock's (6)

Celebration will stretch over three days: start tonight with a concert The Eagles and will end Saturday evening with dance and fireworks.At 53, Prince Albert of Monaco says goodbye to his playboy past and marry Charlene Wittstock, Olympic swimming champion of South African origin 20 years his junior. The Independent called, “another royal wedding” (No – the first royal marriage of the Prince William and that of Catherine Middleton), the ceremony this weekend has too many story ingredients. Prince has aged rather a king with many years of reign in the back, past a rake and two illegitimate children resulting from relationships with a former waitress and a former stewardess.

As it concerned the bride, the French press recently wrote that he wanted to abolish marriage and fled back to South Africa. So for many international newspapers and magazines civil ceremony to be held on 1 July and religious ceremony on 2 July is an occasion to remember a truly fairytale wedding: that in 1956, Prince Rainier III century, the beautiful actress Grace Kelly, who took part in Alfred Hitchcock, Ava Gardner, Cary Grant and other bigwigs of Hollywood .

The wedding will be broadcast live on YouTube

But that is not lacking in wedding props Prince Albert of Monaco is the story. Are invited kings, queens and princesses, 12,000 flowers help create a magical setting, meals are cooked by a Michelin star chef loaded, and the feast lasts three days, like in stories.

4,300 guests will attend the religious ceremony will take place Saturday, July 2, the Court of Honor of the Prince’s Palace and another 450 to dinner after. The wedding will be followed live on the site Palace of Monaco and specially designed YouTube channel. Events also have a Facebook page, which will be pursued Jean Michel Jarre concert that princely couple will give people the Principality on Friday evening.

Vegetables from the royal family and milk from cows

Alin Ducasse, Michelin three-star chef awarded, will supervise the preparation of foods royal. He admitted last month, the Associated Press, he feels as he raises tension when thinking about the big event. According to The Independent, food will be brought on the Roc Agel Grimaldi family wedding in the morning to be fresh and desire to meet Prince, who said he does not want to eat fruits and vegetables that grow more than 10 km the Principality. The menu will be found in Liguria and fresh shrimp, while the milk used to make the desert will come from nine cows on the Roc Agel.Guests can sample three dishes and a dessert, Ducasse taking care some menu items to remind the bride of his native country, such as for example wine will be served at the table or plant called Protea, which is the flower South African national and will be decorated cake Suite.

Peonies and roses in floral arrangements

14 florists in Monaco will take care of flowers in them being found peonies, roses, hydrangeas and lilies, and a flower comes from South Africa, the dominant color is white. Bride’s bouquet, remains a secret.

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