Alfa Romeo 4C

Called  4C GTA, a compact supercar trying to convey the essence of a sports cars in view of the Italian brand.It is a coupe 4 feet long with two seats and rear-wheel drive, which has an engine mounted lower median and a wheelbase of 2.4 meters, that is a car that must be very agile. Above all, it’s a sports car that we see in series production since 2012!

Alfa Romeo 4C (9)

Traction of this concept is carried on the rear axle, which guarantees great fun cornering behavior, while extensive use of carbon fiber, which resulted in a lower weight of the car, allowing very good dynamic performance in a straight line.Weight-power ratio is less than 4 kg per horsepower, and the center of gravity is lowered, so that car to be able to address high speed in any way.

200bhp engine already found Alfa Romeo Giuletta Quadrifoglio Verde median mounted to distribute axle mass balance (40/60) and allows powerful acceleration (under 5 seconds for 0-100km / h) and a top speed of 250km / h .In addition, the 4C concept uses sophisticated suspension, high Cadrilater type on the front and rear struts, which again emphasizes the car’s sporting character.Rear-wheel drive is a reference to the brand’s sporting tradition, but it remains to be seen if Alfa will put a new car and series.

4C GTA series will be in production since 2012, so fans of models super compact can already now add their interest in their list this model.



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