Alfa Romeo 4C Concept

Alfa Romeo does not come with any new model or concept in Frankfurt and will present also a concept version of 4C. The model will go into production in 2012. Italy’s Alfa Romeo announced today that it will exhibit a concept version of 4C in the Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Alfa Romeo 4C Concept (5)

As the new concept 4C, those of Alfa Romeo say will be an “ambassador of DNA technology” model series will present many new technological elements that will highlight the dynamic qualities expected of an Alfa. Alfa Romeo 4C concept started in the 2011 edition of the Geneva Motor Show. Concept Alfa Romeo 4C has a length of about four feet, a central engine and rear-wheel drive. This configuration provides a total mass of just 850 kilograms thanks to carbon fiber chassis and aluminum. So the engine company TBi 1750 model has a power / weight of 4 pounds per horsepower, since engine will develop 200 hp.

The Italians have presented a set of new images of concept that it will exhibit at Frankfurt, but the gallery does not include images  inside this model.



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