Alcohol Chiller That Looks Like Bullets, Perfect for Your Whiskey

Just imagine yourself sitting in your manly recliner in that man cave you’ve always dreamed of getting.  Okay, now add a glass of whiskey to the equation, let’s go with it being in your right hand, with your favorite sports team on the massive twelve foot projector displaying the game in crystal clear resolution. Alright, everything seems to be fine, but what’s missing? Yeah. You forgot to put ice cubes in that whiskey glass my friend, time for you to get your lazy @$$ up and head over to the bar to grab your new favorite glass chiller.  These are the Whiskey Bullets, the finest alcohol chillers on the market. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t need to look any further if you’re interested in being A Man, as these are the only kind that would ever be worth buying.  Can you even imagine yourself drinking whiskey with bullets for ice cubes?  I can’t imagine you doing it, and neither can you.  That’s why you just have to buy them.  No butt’s about it.  Do it.

Alcohol Chiller That Looks Like Bullets, Perfect for Your Whiskey (6)

Alcohol Chiller That Looks Like Bullets, Perfect for Your Whiskey (2)

This bold design is the creation of SipDark, a company with the intent on creating products specifically for beverage accessories, and in this particular case, the Whiskey Bullet is a trendy, and genius idea.  The only thing you can do with whiskey (depending on who you ask of course), is sip it.  You have to keep it chilled, and you can’t dilute it in any way, that means no ice cubes.  To help keep the drink chilled without diluting the beverage, a consumer simply chills the bullets and they keep your drink cool, while also being an awesome, bold look. Just imagine the conversations that you’ll get from this thing, let alone the stories you’ll have afterwards from those legendary nights in the man cave, as every night in the man cave tends to be.

Alcohol Chiller That Looks Like Bullets, Perfect for Your Whiskey (3)

Darrel Kramin describes the desire for the new and bold Whiskey Bullet, “There are a lot of factors that play into the smell and taste of each drink. At SipDark, we wanted to create a design-conscious beverage chiller that would help its user enjoy a drink without diluting the flavor. Life is a one-shot deal; so is a specialty drink. We invite whiskey and signature cocktail connoisseurs to take their best shot and go full strength.”

Alcohol Chiller That Looks Like Bullets, Perfect for Your Whiskey (1)

Honestly, this company is genius.  Not only is drinking alcohol not a fad, but who doesn’t like to look awesome doing it?  I say, throw down for some bullets, wait a week on the car wash.  Nobody is going to notice anyways.  I guarentee you they’ll notice the Whiskey Bullet.

Alcohol Chiller That Looks Like Bullets, Perfect for Your Whiskey (4)

Whiskey Bullet Information Run Down (taken directly from


Introducing The Original Whiskey Bullet! These stainless steel bullets can be used to cool your whiskey, scotch, vodka, white wine, etc. Unlike ice, Whiskey Bullets chill your liquor without diluting the flavors. Each drink is unique and you only get one shot, make it count.

Quantity: 6


The Whiskey Bullets stay at the bottom of the glass
Bring a mellow chill to the drink, cooling your spirit without diluting the flavors
The cube edges are rounded, preventing scratching
Easy to clean
The bullets doesn’t add any flavors or smells
Great gift idea
Not to mention, They look great in the glass!
How to use:

Keep Cold Drinks Cold:

– Please wash Whiskey Bullets before first use
– Place Bullets in freezer for 4 hours or more
– When ready, add 3-4 Bullets per drink and enjoy
– To clean, rinse with warm water and air dry

Our suggested usage is 1 Whiskey Bullet per 1 oz of whiskey you pour – In the end it’s all personal preference!” (

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Check out SipDark’s Website Here.

Make your purchase of a Whiskey Bullet Here Today!  Yeah, they’re in stock!

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