Alberobello – The Italian Town with Hobbit-Like TrulliHomes

Alberobello seems to be taken out of a kids’ tale with tiny creatures that live in quirky houses. It is a magical little place in Italy, a community of only 11,000 inhabitants with beautiful homes called trulli. These unique constructions with lovely conical roofs have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 and they attract curious visitors every year.

Alberobello Panorama

Why New Zealand’s hobbit village is just a movie prop, this place is actually inhabited by humans who love a peaceful life in a unique little town. Alberobello is an excellent destination for family vacations, having wonderful views and friendly local people. There are also nice restaurants, souvenir shops (selling miniature trulli buildings) and even a trulli museum, so tourists will definitely have what to do here.

Alberobello Street

Alberobello Trulli

Alberobello Village Panorama

Alberobello Trulli Houses

Alberobello Italy

Alberobello Homes

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