Airbus ACJ318 Private Jet

Airbus will present the exhibition and conference of Latin American Business Aviation , held in Sao Paulo next month, the widest cabin of an aircraft and high corporate.Airbus ACJ will be presented a 318 VVIP, with comfort features that you have a home or office. Airbus is the first time you expose a corporate airplane and the first time LABACE ACJ 318 plane is shown in Brazil.

Airbus ACJ318 Private Jet (2)

Airbus ACJ 318 exposed to LABACE has a cabin twice as large as a traditional business aircraft and has a floor of 75 m2, making it reasonable similiar a house or an apartment.

Inside we can admire a sitting area and an office that can turn very easily into the bedroom, two bathrooms, things that make the flying experience of passengers to be comfortable and practical, but also relaxing and productive.

Like all Airbus aircraft in this category, 318 ACJ can fly long distances and can reach most of the seats with only one stop.

Airbus has sold more than 170 aircraft in this class so far. Customers are varied, including companies, governments and physical platforms.


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