Adam Voorhees’s Lumen Superyacht Project

Adam Voorhee’s Lumen Superyacht project represents a 301-foot long vessel that flaunts a beautiful contemporary layout as well as sublime accommodation options and innovative technological features. The Lumen comprises a wide array of formal and informal living areas, some offering more private accommodations while others are better suited for socialization or entertainment purposes.

Adam Voorhees's Lumen Superyacht Project (4)

The grand saloon is connected to the upper deck via a staircase and a double height entrance, while the central lobby encircles a large, open atrium that can be reached from all decks. Facilities include a lavish spa, a bar club, a glass-walled pool as well as a helicopter hangar accessible from the owner’s suite.

The Lumen was designed to be highly versatile, featuring highly customizable and programmable common and private spaces. The layout was based on twin monolithical structures placed side by side against the water and its waves, both scaled perfectly to the yacht’s size.

Other details include a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces, facilitated through the use of ample glass elements that invite an abundance of natural light within.

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