Accessories Mango Fall / Winter – Shoes, Bags and Jewelry

Accessories have always had a major role on the process of developing trends in fashion and style.For the season autumn / winter 2011-2012, Mango has launched a comprehensive collection of accessories – bags, shoes and jewelry, which will turn any piece of clothing in a single outfit, chic and tasteful.

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One of our favorite brands, Mango, has used his experience of 27 years in fashion to create a line of accessories that are consistent with trendy styles.If you understand the importance of statement accessories, you will certainly exceed expectations Mango proposals and will provide for the season autumn / winter 2011-2012 will remove parts of anonymity.Especially in season fall / winter we have the opportunity to appeal to charm and chic element given roomy bags, scarves colored belts, jewelry and, of course, shoes.Regardless of personal style imprinted on clothing choices, carefully chosen jewelry can tell a lot about your tastes and preferences and can accentuate your individuality and originality therefore to mix and match.

Jewelry Collection draws its inspiration Mango four different styles, according to trends in accessories for fall / winter 2011-2012. The line is extremely diverse.For those of you who were not aware of the main directions addressed by designers of jewelry, know that in winter you are available to the Byzantine-inspired art accessories, precious stones, animal print (a look that can easily introduce models for animal print nail) and, of course, glamorous jewelry made ​​of large crystals carefully.The most interesting proposals are tribal necklaces, bracelets animal print, pair of earrings or rings statement in boho style.

Trends autumn / winter in terms of bags are not as visible as Mango collection we would like, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.Mango handbag collection for fall / winter 2011-2012 to replace the bags do not watch the postman with models with more femininity and mystery, a direction very easily observed in Mango collection of clothing for winter.

Mango bags materials are the stripes (which give a special charm in leather outfits), and the shades mate, autumnal. It wearing both rectangular bags, cluch sites and modern, perfect for an evening out. The only element that seems to have become part of the trends autumn / winter 2011-2012 in terms of their handles bags are somewhat more restrictive than in past seasons.

Shoe collection is characterized by traditional shapes and patterns, in keeping with the brand launched the collection of clothing for winter.As new trends in accessories from Mango are extremely varied and courageous, you automatically unlimited possibilities to accessorize your outfit and change a simple piecein representative of the tribal style, animal print, boho chic or fetish.



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