Abu Samra House by Symbiosis Designs

You cannot ask more from this house.The beautiful residence was designed by Amman-based studio Symbiosis Designs and it is called the Abu Samra House project.With two story,the residence is located in Amman, Jordan and was completed in 2008.With light used shades for both interior and exterior design ,the Abu Samra House has more levels.One of them show a faint connection to Gerrit Rietveld’s 1924 Rietveld-Schroder House in Utrecht.All the rooms of the house has large windows overlooking the outside garden.The levels of the house are linking thorugh corridors.The architects said about the space of the house that “The spaces of the house flow freely, both horizontally and vertically, emphasizing views to the outside. Doors are kept to a minimum, open spaces prevail, and double spaces are used abundantly.”At the interior design the architects were used out of whitish tones and earth-toned shades,which they said that “plastered building for which the subdued hues fit in perfectly well within the dry local landscape and the strong bright Jordanian sun. ”

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