A Teenager Has Received a Bionic Hand From Mercedes

A touching story came to light recently in England. A 14 year old kid who had the misfortune to be born without a left hand, asked the help of the company Mercedes to acquire a next-generation bionic prosthesis. Amazingly, he have a dream fulfilled.Pulse iLIMB prosthesis was the largest British 14-year dream of Mathew James, who was born without a left hand.

A Teenager Has Received a Bionic Hand From Mercedes (5)

How the price of this hearing, a jewel electronics, is 40,000 euros, Mathew, who is big fan of Formula 1 competitions, wrote a letter to MercedesGP bold ones, which asked them to help him, promising them that he will get their logo on his new hand.Impressed with the young fan letter, Representatives Mercedes agreed to give the money needed.They also allied themselves with the Touch Bionic specialists to create a hand-language and custom Pulse, benefiting from the most advanced technology.

As thanks, Matthew has suggested to the company’s Mercedes burning the famous logo on bionic hand.Pulse ilimb hand is made ​​from a special plastic and has some black silicone plugs. Mathew’s arm is stuck, literally, these outlets.Each finger is powered by an engine individually for more control.Fingers are moved by a minicomputer that is in hand.Minicomputer receives information from two electrodes in the socket that detect electrical impulses transmitted by the muscles of the lower arm of Mathew.The arm is equipped with Bluetooth technology, so Mathew can connect wirelessly to a computer in order to monitor the strength and speed of movement

“It’s amazing. I can do anything with this prosthesis. I love it states, and that has a transparent portion through which you can even see how it works,” told Mathew.

“I love the sciences and I want to study engineering, but always had problems with laboratory experiments. In addition, I love to play sports, but I could not practice any sport that I needed both hands, like cricket. now I can compete with any other guys, “bragged the boy of 14.



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