A Perfect Landscape for Avatar

No man on the planet who has not been impressed by the beauty that offers a waterfall. It is impossible not to run out of breath when you see that spectacular fall of water, fascinating mysteries hidden deep within them.

A Perfect Landscape for Avatar (4)

Opal colored waters of Havasu Waterfall in Grand Canyon is a perfect landscape for Avatar. This is the most photographed waterfall in the world, and is easy to understand why the color of its waters almost unreal.Havasu Waterfall is the second waterfall in Havasu Canyon. It is accessed from a small path belonging to the main trail.

The trail leads over a small hill and then the waterfall.Water of the five main waterfalls, rich in minerals, has a blue-green. Tourists are attracted in large numbers of the landscape and so these are the most photographed waterfalls in the world.

Waterfall consists of a waterfall of 37 meters, which ends in a ‘pool’ range. Waterfalls (because there are many) are known that are artificial, but created by nature.Most were destroyed in the 90s because of flooding. A dam was built by local people, to help restore the pool and keep what’s left (after the flood). Also attached Havasu waterfall,is and Mooney waterfall and Beaver waterfall .


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