A Look Inside the Homes of Great Fashion Designers

A Look Inside the Homes of Great Fashion Designers

A Look Inside the Homes of Great Fashion Designers

When you hear about great fashion designers such as Valentino or Vera Wang, you automatically envision exquisite clothing creations or accessories. Following the same trend, it stands to purpose that their homes would be equally impressive, boasting sublime layouts and outstanding architectural details. On that note, we suggest you leave your imagination aside for a while and have a close look at the actual homes of some of the most famous and talented fashion designers.

1. Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

Everyone knows Coco Chanel was a fashion legend. Her unique sense of style and sophistication oozes throughout the pores of her old apartment, which can be found at 31 Rue Cambon in the city of Paris. The apartment boasts sublime decorations and exquisite details that emphasize Chanel’s love for the Orient and its arts. Adornments include Buddha statues and a magnificent crystal chandelier that hangs over a spectacular spiral staircase, while the suede couches and black lacquered surfaces give off a sense of utmost elegance.

2. Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

As the head designer and creative director of the Chanel fashion house, Karl Lagerfeld owns a superb apartment in Paris. Once inside, visitors are stunned by the abode’s sheer modernism and futuristic decorations, since the entire place was designed in a crisp, minimalistic fashion. The apartment boasts features white, black and gray elements exclusively, and it happens to include a fragment of Karl’s vast book collection.

3. Valentino


Valentino is an Italian fashion designer and founder of the Valentino SPA company and brand. Among his many properties, the Château de Wideville definitely stands out, representing a 17th century house built by Louis XIII’s finance minister. The lavish abode was decorated exquisitely in order to resemble the city of Shanghai during the 1920s. The Château de Wideville also includes a beautiful park that occupies 120 acres of space.

4. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of the most appreciated American fashion designers, and his home is definitely up to par with his fame. His lavish residence sits proudly on a 300-acre estate in Bradford, which includes a huge garage filled with over 60 cars. The abode itself provides 17,000 square feet of space, and it was inspired in its design by old English manors. The interiors flaunt high-end amenities and exquisite decorations throughout, including old art pieces and high-quality furnishings such as George II side tables.

 5. Vera Wang

Vera Wang

Vera Wang definitely cut no expense when it came to her villa in Los Angeles, since she reportedly spent over $10 million in order to call it her own. Even though she also has a superb apartment in New York City, the renowned fashion designer often prefers to retreat to the comfort and tranquility of her LA home. The house flaunts exquisite interior arrangements signed by Steve Herman, while the exterior impresses with a lavish swimming pool and deck. Moreover, Vera Wang’s residence benefits from spectacular views of the city and Pacific Ocean, which can be admired in full through large floor to ceiling glass walls.


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