A. Kahn Design Reveals the 2012 Vesuvius Edition Sport 300

Range Rover can be proud with its new exterior and interior design.It is more superior than that of a Lamborghini or Ferrari thanks to suffered changes.It was designed by Afzaln Kahn.It suffered changes both to exterior and interior but also at tecnique part.Called 2012 Vesuvius edition Sport 300, the car draw the attention using two colors for exterior design:black and orange.

A. Kahn Design Reveals the 2012 Vesuvius Edition Sport 300 (8)

The car received as elements of exterior as like black lateral scales made from rubber,metallic black with “Vesuvius” matt orange roof stripe and bonnet stripe binnacle and door tops,Kahn RS22″ black alloys with orange stripe,quad exhaust system finished in black,grille insert in orange and front extended lip spoiler in orange/black.

The interior design was carefully made and the colors are the same that those used for the exterior.The new interior has:front and rear seats,steering wheel with Vesuvius orange stitching,machined vented foot pedals,4 door panels quilted.If you like this car and you think it is interesting you must to know that tha price for it is of £69,875.


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