A Floating City for Immigrants Without Visas

Two American businessmen plan to establish a human settlement on the ocean, with a definite purpose: that of the host to foreign entrepreneurs, equipped with professional talent who want to work in the U.S., but they don’t have visa to enable remain in this country. They want to build a “floating city”, a cruise ship,  amended, adapted to accommodate a large number of people. The ship would be anchored about 20 km southwest of San Francisco Bay, in international waters.

A Floating City for Immigrants Without Visas (8)

The two American businessmen who are the authors of the initiative came from families of immigrants themselves. Previously, Dario Mutabdzija and Max Marty founded “Blueseed“, a company that aims to provide talented immigrants the opportunity to work in the U.S., bypassing the restrictive laws that forbid them to live in the U.S. Procurement ship-town with the necessary would be provided by companies on the coast of California, Blueseed thus stimulating the local economy. The monthly rent for a living and working space on the ship will be about. 1.200 USD.


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