A Cruise to Antarctica

A unique trip to a righteous paradise ,last great border of the Earth.The icebergs which floating besides boat, others as large as ship are looming their bizarre and surrealist silhouettes on the blue sky. On the some ice blocks lazy seals .When somebody screams “Whales!” and immediatly all the people rise on the deck  for see water jets thrown into the waves while the giant mammals expire or tails peaks disappear in the water.

A Cruise to Antarctica (1)

Passing besides rocky shores ,you can see peaks covered by snow rising on land and in same places sea ice rising from a bright blue waters. If you want to make an overland trip ,first take a pneumatically boat to see when you can discharge for a walk among penguins colonies-irresistible birds which will make you smile. Antarctica ,huge tongue of land which spread at North from the rest of continent ,toward South America is the destination of the most cruises .

The trips of this kind are not cheap and the conditions on the constructed ships enough to sneak through ice blocks are excellent,sometimes even luxury,boats having rooms with view for observation of water,libraries and even gyms.But,for a unique experience of the waters and of the endless expanse of ice of Antarctica  you must to dress well…very well and to climb on the deck when you will feel the cold air cutting off your breath and you will hear the ice crushing ,the birds cry,but and polar wind .From December to February the temperatures from region are moderate ,average into -5 C and 5 C.


You must know:

You can choose between ships like ice breakers with a capacity of 50-100 passengers ,expedition ships that can accomodate between 100-200 passengers and cruise ships with a capacity up to 600 passengers .Small ships make more stops .


It is possible to see humpback whales ,whales dwarf and killer whales.

In Antarctica at Port Lockroy it is found a big colony of Gentoo penguins ,so happening at Paradise Harbor when live in a amazing landscape ,bordered by sea ice.Half Moon Island ,an island from volcanic rock houses bearded penguins.

If you visit Antarctica in mid-January you can see adult penguins who care of fat and fluffy babies.


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