A £100 million Yacht for the Richest woman in the UK

The richest woman in Britain has recently made ​​a purchase of millions. Kirsty Bertarelli has paid 100 million pounds for the largest yacht ever built in the UK.Kirsty Bertarelli bought with her husband, Ernesto Bertarelli, a massive boat, 96 meters long, for which they paid no more and no less than 100 million pounds.”Superyacht” as they called journalists to the British newspaper, considered the 33rd largest in the world, has luxury interior, eliport, extravagant booths and four passenger boats, in case of shipwreck.Ernesto Bertarelii (45 years) won the title twice in the America’s Cup yacht competitions. It has an estimated fortune of £ 6.8 billion, which ranks it among the 81 richest people in the world and fifth in the UK.

A £100 million Yacht for the Richest woman in the UK (1)

His wife is listed at present as the richest woman in Britain.II yacht Vava build over 200 workers have worked for two years.Technological features that benefit the largest yacht ever built in Britain include, inter alia, an artificial beach (folded) and a swimming pool that can be modified depending on customer preferences.Regarding the engineering details related to the yacht, the yacht maker to fill luxury, Devonport Royal Dockyard.Detailed specifications incredible “boats” were kept secret for two years by the manufacturing company and all employees of the project.General manager, Stephen Hills said: “It’s an incredible capacity, a super yacht in the true sense.”

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