9 Amazing Date Hairstyles

Amazing Date Hairstyles

Amazing Date Hairstyles

A first date is always very important, which is why you will definitely want to look your best. As per usual, you can start by choosing a perfect outfit, great accessories and nice makeup, but you also need to do something about your hair. As it happens, we gathered a list of 9 gorgeous hairstyles that are guaranteed to impress at a glance. Whether you’re looking for a sexy, romantic, bold or subdued hairstyle, we gathered a list of 9 stunning examples, so that you might be inspired in your choice.

1. Romantic Glossy Waves

Romantic Glossy Waves

You can never go wrong with glossy waves! All you will need in order to achieve this stunning hairstyle is a curling iron and a little bit of skill, as you have to make sure that the curls are not very close to the roots. Before you start making the curls, you should blow-dry your hair using a round brush. In addition, before you leave, you can add a lovely headband for extra effect.

2. Natural Curls

Natural Curls

If you love curls but you don’t have naturally curly hair, just blow-dry your hair and use a 3/8- inch curling iron in order to achieve this effortlessly chic look. Apply some shine spray at the ends in order to lock in the curls, and you will be ready to conquer the night with your beauty.

3. Ponytails


If you are going on a more casual date that involves sports or walks in the park, then you can always go for a nice ponytail hairstyle. After you wash your hair, apply some texturizer before tousle drying. You can now secure the hair in a ponytail using an elastic band, but don’t forget to wrap a strand of hair around the band for a more natural, elegant look.

4. Half Up, Half Down

Half Up, Half Down

Another great choice is the half up, half down hairstyle, which can be achieved easily by using hot rollers. First, you need to apply volumizing spray on your damp hair just before drying it. Afterwards, you can set strands of hair on hot rollers by rolling vertical sections back and away from the face. After the hair cools down, you should divide the curls from ear to ear, while the top crown should be lifted with a comb and secured in place with a hair clip. You can now shape each curl individually using your fingers for a romantic, feminine appearance.

5. Sleek Center Part

Sleek Center Part

If you are looking for a low-key hairstyle that looks absolutely amazing, then you will surely enjoy rocking a sleek center part hairdo. Commonly used by many celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, this gorgeous hairstyle can be obtained by using a flat iron. However, before you straighten your hair, you need to apply an anti-frizz serum and blow-dry it with a paddle brush.

 6. Romantic Bun

Romantic Bun

A romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant demands an equally romantic outfit and hairstyle, of course. The bun is the perfect candidate here, and you can show one off yourself by following these simple few steps: side-part your hair, gather it in a ponytail, twist once and wrap it in a bun. You can also apply some pomade for a finishing touch and pull out some frontal strands from the bun for extra effect.

7. Polished Loop

Polished Loop

You’ll need to make sure you have enough time to do this one, but the end result will be truly spectacular. Achieve a deep side part and coat the strands with some hair gel before brushing it back and securing it in a low ponytail. You now need to divide this ponytail into two sections. Take the lower section and fold it under itself then pin the ends to the roots. Now wrap the top side of the ponytail around the base, secure with pins and admire your new look!

8. One Side French Braid

One Side French Braid

For a more playful approach, you can always go for a stylish one side French braid. The braid is easy to do, easy to maintain and looks absolutely stunning. Don’t hesitate to make one yourself before you go out on your special date!

9. Over-the-Shoulder Locks

Over-the-Shoulder Locks

Last but not least, we have over-the-shoulder locks for a sexy, flirty hairstyle. The secret behind the success of this simple yet glamorous hairstyle is that it allows you to show off your gentle figures by revealing a bit of your clavicle or shoulder. It’s always best to be sexy without going over the top.


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