72 Days -Duration of the Marriage of Kim & Kris.

It is rumored that it was nothing but an arrangement!18 million – so their have removed Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries after the wedding like in stories that shook the world. At no 3 months after the big event, Kim announces divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

72 Days -Duration of the Marriage of Kim & Kris. (2)

Already voices were first argue that marriage was an arrangement made ​​for money and publicity.”Kim was looking for a husband, and simply Kris was chosen among many suitors. She never been too attracted to him, but she hoped that eventually the feelings will arise. But the thing that has not happened. She dislikes to spend nights in the his company, “says a source.Yesterday Kim was photographed by paparazzi without her wedding ring, but Kris does not seem ready yet to abandon it.

After much I thought, I decided to put an end to my marriage. I hope everyone understands that was not an easy decision. We hope that this marriage will last forever, but sometimes things do not work as they were planned. We will remain friends, “said Kim Kardashian.

According to official documents filed in court,Kim Kardashian asked the judge as jewelry and other personal items like wedding rings before and worn during the wedding, be considered as goods that are part of her personal property, not common wealth of the couple.The same document certifies that both spouses have previously signed a prenuptial agreement.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humprhies were married on August 20 in southern California, in a spectacular ceremony, organization whose cost was about $ 10 million, after a nine-month relationship.Over three million American viewers watched TV reports “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian event” broadcast in two parts.

According to sources, Kris Humphries, a player aged 26 years the New Jersey Nets basketball team, refused to play the role  that has been awarded the Kardashian brand, and the two spouses have argued about the place where they would settle and live.This is the second divorce for Kim Kardashian, who was married to music producer Damon Thomas in the period 2000-2004.After her divorce from her first husband, American starlet had relationships with several well-known men in the United States, R & B singer Ray-J and football player Reggie Bush.

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