5 Most Appreciated Fashion Brands in the World

Fashion Brands in the World

Fashion Brands in the World

Clothing is one area where people invest real wealth, with the greatest ease, clothes are considered personality image. When we talk about the most expensive brands of clothes, surely these names are found on our lips, they represent a benchmark for luxury and elegance.


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Gucci fashion house was founded by Italian Guccio Gucci in 1921, in Florence. Today, Gucci is Italian brand with the highest sales, generating revenues of over 4 billion annually. Gucci products are found in over 280 stores worldwide and include a wide range of clothing, footwear, watches, jewelry and leather goods. Since 2010 Gucci has launched a line of baby products containing clothes, shoes and accessories.Gucci creative director is Frida Giannini House. Born in 1972, Frida Giannini has studied fashion design at the Academy in Rome. Career started it in 1997, when she hired as a designer at Fendi. In 2002 she joined the House of Gucci as a designer of handbags and after several promotions in 2006 was named Creative Director for the entire Gucci brand.


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Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel founded  fashion house Chanel in 1909 in Paris, France. Young Coco Chanel’s vision was to replace the opulent and provocative products that inspire some classic elegance. Over time, fashion house Chanel has remained faithful to this vision and their creations have the same simple line. Parts of resistance of the house Chanel’s “little black dress” (“little black dress”) and Chanel no. 5 perfume which has seen international fame through the actress who wore the image in the 50s – Marilyn Monroe. Chanel worldwide network of over 300 stores, producing annual sales between 2.3 and 3 billion euros. Chanel creative team is headed, since 1983 until now, by designer Karl Lagerfeld.


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In 1913, brothers Mario and Martino Prada was founded in Milan, Italy, the company Fratelli Prada (Prada Brothers). The head of the company, followed by Mario Prada daughter, Luisa, who led the business for 20 years to leave and then place in 1978, his daughter Miuccia Prada, who now, at the age of 62 years leads the design Prada. Miuccia with her husband, Patrizio Bertelli, the company has led the pinnacle of success, turning it into a measure of social status. Prada today has over 250 stores worldwide, recording annual Selling over 2 billion.


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Giorgio Armani founded the company that bears his name in 1975 in Milan, Italy. Armani has a very wide range of products, from clothing, incaltamine, watches, jewelry and cosmetics through to interior design objects. Armani name is considered one of the most prestigious in the fashion industry. With hundreds of stores worldwide, recorded sales of Armani almost 2 billion euros annually.


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In 1946, in Paris, Christian Dior fashion house founded by his name and launched the first collection in 1947. In 1949 Christian Dior store opened in New York, USA. By the end of that year, Dior represent 75% of France’s exports of clothing. In 1957, after the death of Christian Dior, was appointed creative director, young only 21 years, Yves Saint-Laurent. His first collection, launched in 1958, was a huge success, the young designer radicand the zenith. This was followed by Frenchman Marc Bohan, who led the design team Dior 1960 to 1989. 2011 brings new changes in head design team Dior. In March, the House of Dior has signed contract with John Galliano, as a result of his statements, which have shocked the fashion world.According to company management Dior, until this autumn will be named new creative director. With over 200 stores worldwide, recorded sales of Dior house over 21 billion annually.

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