5 Easy Decorating Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table

Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table

Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays of the year, and as such, the Thanksgiving dinner table should be decorated accordingly. Needless to say, the turkey will always have a special spot reserved no matter what, but you could also decorate your table with lovely seasonal adornments if you want to impress your family and friends. Here are 5 quick and easy decorating ideas for your Thanksgiving table:

1. Cornucopia


Cornucopia signifies abundance and nourishment, and so it fits in perfectly with the whole Thanksgiving theme. The main idea involves a horn-shaped container, preferably made out of wood, which is filled with fruit, flowers or other edibles. You can never go wrong with a cornucopia centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table, but if you are low on space, you can always place this lovely decor piece on the mantle.

2. Rustic basket

Rustic basket

The cornucopia is great but what happens if you don’t have a horn-shaped container lying around the house? Well, you can always substitute it with an old, wooden basket and arrange it to look like it is overflowing with autumn’s bounty. This may include small pumpkins, apples, corn, pomegranates and even oranges. For a plus of authenticity, you can tie a raffia bow around the basket and let the loose threads flow freely among the fruits and vegetables.

3. Rustic candleholders

Rustic candleholders

There’s something special about candles that gives off a sense of peace and warmth. If you want to impress your family members with your creativity, you can use small gourds and mini pumpkins as candleholders. All you have to do is cut the top off accordingly so that it would support a candle.

4. Leaves


Since Thanksgiving is a fall holiday, it makes sense that you would decorate your table with fall-related symbols. Leaves are the perfect choice here, since they are basically lying close to your house anyway during this time of the year. Collect some leaves, press them and arrange them neatly on your Thanksgiving table as best as you can. You can also hang some by your windows or gather them up in wooden bowls and put them on display.

5. Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, can also do wonders for your Thanksgiving table this year. These lovely little flowers are usually on sale during fall so all you need to do is buy a few bundles and set them in baskets or wooden bowls that you can place on your table. You should also tie raffia or ribbons around them for extra effect.



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