$40M Water Mill Estate Comes With Its Own Private Island

What can be more beautiful?The owner of this amazing property is Andrew Zaro, the Chairman of Cavalry Portfolio Services.The residence from Hamptons ,named the Water Mill estate,has its own private island and cand be rented at $395,000 per week.Now, it is listed for a whopping $40 million.

$40M Water Mill Estate Comes With Its Own Private Island (7)

It has a surface of around 15,000 square feet surrounding of breathtaking views and a number of large balconies with a view at the bay or the infinite azure waters of the ocean. With 5 grandiose suites, a formal dining room, fully equipped entertainment room, a large living room, 14 bathrooms and 9 bedrooms and an garage which is able to shelter up to 3 cars ,we can say that the future owner will be very lucky.It can also boasts with a spa, an amazing infinity pool, walk-in wine cellar, a 10-seat home theater, full wet bar room and a  gym .

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