$4,000 Swarovski-Encrusted Sleep Aid From Virgin Atlantic

Every woman wants to be brilliant all the time.But you can not do that if you do not care and of course, if you do not do beauty sleep.Now you can be shiny and when you sleep.Just to fulfill this aspect was created sleeping mask, a fine and delicate accessories for sleep and carefree.And if you are a woman who loves fine and silky lingerie pieces and also Swarovski crystals,for sure you will fall in love immediately of sleeping mask.

$4,000 Swarovski-Encrusted Sleep Aid From Virgin Atlantic (4)

The newest collaboration between Virgin Atlantic and Swarovski gave rise to the wonderful sleep aid.But this is not a usual sleep aid but the Most Expensive Night’s Sleep Ever. Virgin Atlantic has decided to manufacture 5 limited editions, each one price at a whopping $4,000.These five pieces are each other different .All were manufactured by designer Saima Anwar with thousands of small white, blue and red crystals, taking roughly around 10 hours of work. And at the final every piece contains a total of 3,000 Swarovski elements.

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