$26 Million House for Sale on Malibu Beach!

If you are looking for a house to buy yoi should take a look at this residence.Lovely residence which is located on Pacific Coast Highway, The “Main Street” of Malibu, California,it is on sale .Situated to one of Malibu’s premier beaches,this stunning residence was completed in 2010 and sits just above the water on Encinal Buffs.Italian architecture,with an exterior or interior luxury and modern.

$26 Million House for Sale on Malibu Beach! (32)

The exterior is made of stone and is perfect for the architecture house.With four spacious en-suite bedrooms,an office,pool and spa and with the view of ocean in front of the eyes this residence has  a 2,500 square foot roof top deck space with breathtaking views over the Pacific Ocean.The interior is very modern and every room is unique in its way.

Shades are perfect and make that all to be stunning.All rooms have large windows and balcony when you can drink your coffee in the morning and to see sunrise in the same time.Do you want it?Well this residence is at  $26 million.


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