2013 Spring/Summer Vegan Footwear by Olsenhaus

Shoes are a top priority statement accessory for most fashion lovers, and luckily for them, the new season comes with new footwear from the famous Olsenhouse label. The brand is renowned for its striking designs of vegan shoes that can make virtually any outfit look fabulous. The Quantum Awakening lookbook for spring 2013 features more than just high heels, offering great choices for every need.

2013 Spring Summer Vegan Footwear by Olsenhaus (9)

A great variety of cute elements, adorable polka dots and stunning cut-outs are what the items in the line boast. Ranging from super comfortable sandals to sexy pumps, the collection created by Elisabeth Olsen aims to widen the possibilities for the ones looking to acquire vegan shoes.

The brand has been around for a while and has gotten recognition from well known publications such as InStyle, Vogue and Marie Claire. The eco-friendly materials used in the making of the footwear have drawn the attention of environmentally concerned fashionistas, offering them plenty of stylish alternatives. Suitable for many age groups, the collections consist of both easy to wear pieces and bold, season appropriate ones.

If you choose to update your wardrobe with items from this line, the following months will find you rocking elegant, romantic and beautiful vegan footwear that will most certainly not go unnoticed.


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