200 Million Dollars With the Help of Facebook

Are you curious how?Well,the Korean-American man is from U.S.A and he is a graffiti artist called David Choe .David Chloe,the artist who make graffiti didn’t even thought a second at these money with years ago.In 2005 ,David Chloe had a choice between getting money severel thousand dollars ,for the drawings that he made on the walls of Facebook headquarters or equivalent in shares.Well,he chose the second option.Now Mark Zuckerberg’s company will be publicly traded.Now,David could get 200 million dollars worth of Facebook.The amount comes after a smart decision taken by man a few years ago when he was invited to paint the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto.David also did a cover art for Jay-Z or Linkin Park’s in 2004 at  music album Collision Course.President Barack Obama didn’t escape of the talent of David because he has a poster made by David.

200 Million Dollars With the Help of Facebook (6)



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