2 Million Dollars Pure Gold Christmas Tree by Ginza Tanaka

Would you like to have in your house a 2 million dollars pure gold Christmas Tree?Well you must  know that it exist and it is created by Tokyo famous jeweller Ginza Tanaka.Ginza have also created and a 24 karat gold horse for Japan’s newborn prince which was made of pure gold tree that cost 850 000 $ (about 635 000 €) in 2006. Now it come with another beauty called gold Christmas tree and which worth almost 2 million Dollars .The shiny gold Christmas tree weighs 12kg and is about 2,4 meters high .And this is not all.The gold tree is adorned with golden plates and about 60 heart-shaped ornaments, decorated with ribbons.The Christmas tree will be on display from November 22 through December 25 at the store.

2 Million Dollars Pure Gold Christmas Tree by Ginza Tanaka (3)

This Christmas tree is made of twelve kilograms of pure gold. Considering the time it took to make the tree, the designer and hard work put into it, we can assume that the cost of this tree would be approximately 150 million yen ($2 million U.S. dollar),” Mizuki told Reuters.

When you’re looking at the tree, it really jumps out at you,” said Kisoko Sakabe, a housewife who was window shopping in Ginza.


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