This $19.9 Million Penthouse Can Be Found In Miami

With a whopping price tag of $19.9 million, this amazing penthouse can be found within the South Beach neighborhood of Miami, and as you can probably tell from its price, it is absolutely breathtaking. The penthouse is a part of the W South Beach Residences complex, boasts 3,500 square feet of living space, and it benefits from majestic views of the endless ocean and of the vibrant city.

$19.9 Million Penthouse In Miami

Accommodations include 4 lavish bedrooms and 5 bathrooms that feature intimidating 12-foot ceilings. Spread across 2 floors, this spacious abode is equipped with a plethora high-end amenities and facilities that greatly enhance the quality of life of its inhabitants. Fine examples include a special privacy glass that shields the master bedroom from prying eyes, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and a special home automation system that allows the owner to control air conditioning systems and other tech-related features, all with the help of a simple iPhone.

Impressed yet? Wait until you hear about the crocodile-textured doors and the leather walls, which give off a sense of utmost sophistication and elegance. This is penthouse definitely has what it takes to qualify among the most luxurious, comfortable and expensive abodes in Miami.

Penthouse In Miami

Penthouse In Miami Dining Room

$19.9 Million Penthouse In Miami Bedroom 1

$19.9 Million Penthouse In Miami Bedroom 2

$19.9 Million Penthouse In Miami Bedroom

Penthouse In Miami Amazing Bedroom

Penthouse In Miami Bathroom

Penthouse In Miami Beach View

Penthouse In Miami Terrace

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