15 Incredible Homemade Thanksgiving Card Ideas

A proper Thanksgiving table must surely be able to accommodate a generous number of guests, which is why each and every one of them should know exactly where they are about to be seated. In order to facilitate the process, you as a host should make sure that all seats have their own Thanksgiving place cards featuring the names of your esteemed guests. Thanksgiving Card Ideas

Thanksgiving Card Ideas

Therefore, we decided to give you a few Thanksgiving card ideas so that you can make your own personalized, funny and festive place cards from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

1. Colorful and Elegant Thanksgiving Place Cards

Colorful and Elegant Thanksgiving Place Cards

To start off creating these amazing Thanksgiving place cards, you’ll need to use a colored piece of paper and print out the names of your guests on it with plenty of space in between. This is because you will need to cut out each name individually using a die. Next, you’ll need to tie up a ribbon on one side of the paper piece and cut out the other side.

You’ll need a larger die in order to cut out your card base and a slightly smaller one that will be stamped and distressed for extra effect. You should fold and cut these in half. Finally, attach the adornment piece onto the base card using glue and attach the nametag onto the distressed piece afterwards. You can now spray your place card with shimmer spray for extra effect.


 2. Unconventional Colors and Glimmery Place Cards

Unconventional Colors and Glimmery Place Cards

Even though blue is not usually associated with Thanksgiving, you can still use the color with great effect if you pair it with a few traditional elements such as pumpkins. A blue place card written in gold ink placed alongside a spray-painted mini-pumpkin is guaranteed to be appreciated by your guests, while a nicely patterned tablecloth and napkin can add a touch of modernism and cleanliness to the table.

3. Fall Leaves as Thanksgiving Place Cards

Fall Leaves as Thanksgiving Place Cards

Nothing spells fall better than fall leaves, which is why you should definitely go ahead and use some as placeholders for your Thanksgiving table. All you need to do is pick a few beautiful, dry leaves and write the names of your guests gently upon their surface.

4. Place Cards With Paper Medallions

Place Cards With Paper Medallions

These beautiful and original Thanksgiving place cards can be made quite easily with a few paper medallions and some 12 x 12-card stock. You need to fold the card stock into an accordion-like shape, cut it into 2 1/2″ wide strips and glue it onto a strip of chipboard. You can now apply the paper medallion onto the card stock and write down the name of the guest on it.


5. Fun and Easy to Make Place Cards

Fun and Easy to Make Place Cards

In order to make these incredible place cards yourself, you’ll need three different dies, some pieces of kraftstock, some labels and vintage photo ink. You need to start off with 3 pieces of kraftstock that are scored at 1″, 3 1/2″ and 6″. Fold them and crease out their edges using a bone folder and glue them to make them appear similar to a small tent.

The front can be decorated using matching cardstock, while the labels can be made using dark brown cardstock and Choice Buttercream cardstock. You can cut out the leaves using a Mini Leaves die, while the nameplate can be obtained using a Fly Your Flag 2 die. Both the leaves and the nameplate should be smeared with some Vintage Photo Ink for a worn out, classic look.


6. Leaf-Shaped Place Cards Made From Brown Craft Paper

Leaf-Shaped Place Cards Made From Brown Craft Paper

If you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to make fancy place cards this year, you can always create something simple and beautiful by using some brown craft paper and some fall leafs. The process basically requires you to trace out the leaves onto the brown craft paper and just cut out the shapes. Now you can write the names on these leaf-shaped place cards and you’re all set.


7. 3D Pumpkin Place Card

3D Pumpkin Place Card

If you really want to impress your guests this year, then you should definitely try out this amazing 3D pumpkin place card, since it is relatively easy to make and requires few materials. You’ll need to get a hold of some Pumpkin Pie Designer Print Paper in order to make the pumpkin itself, as well as an ordinary card and some vellum cardstock.

Start off by cutting 4 wide ovals out of the Pumpkin Pie Designer Print Paper and fold them in half, glue them together and add them on the card. For the nametag, you should just print out the name on the vellum cardstock using an inkjet printer. If you want to hide the adhesive used to hold the vellum in shape, you can wrap the vellum around the Pumpkin Pie Designer Print cardstock and glue it on the back.

8. Floral Harvest Thanksgiving Card

Floral Harvest Thanksgiving Card

You can use a normal card and decorate it with incredible Thanksgiving-related motifs in order to create a Floral Harvest Card as a Thanksgiving dinner invitation. A few punches, ric rac, festive stamps and floral paper should do the trick nicely as far as adornments go. The rest is up to your imagination.

9. Many Blessings Box

Many Blessings Box

The festive Many Blessings Box can be used to store small gifts or delicious treats, and it would make for an exquisite decoration for any Thanksgiving table. Start off by using four 4-inch square chipboard coasters and adhere scrapbook paper to either side. Now use a hole punch to make holes in the coasters but make sure that they are all straight. You can now run ribbon through the holes in order to bind the coasters together. As far as decorations go, you can use anything from leaves to “Happy Thanksgiving” messages or anything else that pops into your mind.

10. Cute Turkey Place Cards

Cute Turkey Place Cards

These jolly little turkey place cards could be the perfect addition for this year’s Thanksgiving table. You can make them yourself by using a few punches and some card stock. Of course, if you can also use some Designer Series Paper if you want a more sophisticated look, while some pumpkin pie ribbons can work great as seasonal adornments.

11. Gift Candle Jar and Place Cards

Gift Candle Jar and Place Cards

You can’t go wrong with a nicely decorated gift candle jar and with some small but beautiful Thanksgiving place cards. You can decorate the jar easily and efficiently by using Giving Thanks stamps and mustard or vanilla colored craft paper. You can stamp Thanksgiving-related images on the place cards and on the jar before coloring them accordingly using markers. A grosgrain ribbon can also be applied for great effect.


12. Pear Place Card

Pear Place Card

The simplest things are sometimes the most spectacular! You’ll never believe how easy it is to make a placeholder using a nicely cut piece of craft paper and a pear. Just write the name onto the piece of paper and attach it onto the pair before placing it on the Thanksgiving table. Your guests will be amazed at its simplicity and beauty.

13. Mini Mayflower Nut Cup Thanksgiving Place Cards

Mini Mayflower Nut Cup Thanksgiving Place Cards

For this particular project you’ll have to cut out some sail shapes from craft paper but you will also need some large nut cups, paper strips, scissors, a hole punch, a stapler, treats for the cup and long sucker sticks.

Staple two paper strips together at the ends and use the obtained boat-like shape to envelop the nut cup. Cut out the sails from the craft paper and write down the names on them before punching holes on their tops and bottoms. Now place the straw through those holes, add goodies to the cup and place the straw in the cup. For a more solid approach, you can glue the stick to the bottom of the cup before adding the goodies.


14. Clothespin Place Card Holder

Clothespin Place Card Holder

The clothespin place card holder is very easy and fun to make, and it could definitely prove to be a fantastic addition for your Thanksgiving party this year. First, you’ll need to spray paint the clothespins and let them dry for a few hours, during which time you could glue together a bunch of faux berries. Once the clothespin is dry, use it to clamp the faux berries as well as the nametag with hot glue.

15. Thanksgiving Napkin Ring

Thanksgiving Napkin Ring

Napkin rings are also quite important for Thanksgiving because they can also include several holiday-related symbols. You can make a beautiful napkin ring yourself by using gold ribbon and festive paper, while the message inscribed on it can include “Count your blessings”, “Happy Thanksgiving” or other fitting quotes.


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