12 Makeup Suggestions for the Fall Season

Makeup Suggestions

Makeup Suggestions

The fall season is finally here, and since the hot days of summer are now behind us, it is time to consider some new makeup looks for the rainy days. A quick look on the runways of some of the most respected fashion houses in the business reveals that the makeup alternatives for this fall are quite varied, catering to the needs of all fashionistas whether they prefer to go with punk-based looks or feminine and glamorous retro looks. Here are 12 of the best makeup choices for fall 2013:

1. Retro Chic

Retro Chic

The retro looks of the 40s will never go out of style, which is why many fashion houses decided to go with glamorous, feminine makeup looks for fall 2013. The main ingredients for a ladylike makeup are sizzling eyeshades and smooth skin covered in foundation. Bright, preferably red shades work best on the lips.

2. Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is also very popular this fall, more so since the makeup recipe for such a look is not very difficult to obtain at all. The main idea behind this look is to skip using blush altogether, allowing the lips and the eyes to take the center stage. Freshly scrubbed skin and a bit of lip color is all it takes to appear gorgeous this fall.

3. Daring Cat Eyes

Daring Cat Eyes

What makes cat eye-based looks so great is that they are highly versatile and customizable, meaning that you could easily modify and add different elements in order to spice things up.  Of course, you can always go for more contemporary cat eye makeup or classic 60s inspired looks according to your own fashion preferences.

4. The Thin Black Line

The Thin Black Line

Black eye liner is a welcomed, fresh addition to any makeup routine, as it works perfectly with all eyeshadow colors. A simple, thin line drawn across the lashes can make your eyes pop instantly and effortlessly.

5. Bold Shades

Bold Shades

As far as color is concerned, plum shades take the spotlight this fall dethroning the green and blue options we’ve been accustomed to so far. Highly versatile, plum colors can be an intricate part of a multitude of makeup looks, some involving bare cheeks and nude lipstick while others could be based on opaque finishes and purple lips.

 6.  Futuristic Sixties

Futuristic Sixties

Another great makeup look spotted on the runways this fall was based on black eyeliner or metallic gray eyeshadow complemented by silver liner swirls. This combination ensures a stunning, futuristic appearance that is reminiscent of the glorious fashion days of the 60s.

7. Gray Wash

Gray Wash

Another important change in the makeup trends for fall 2013 is represented by the smudged slate gray makeup trends that replaced the old smoky eyes. Don’t hesitate to add a touch of mystery to your visage this fall!

8. Glittery Eyes

Glittery Eyes

Donna Karan’s beauty look recently highlighted this fabulous makeup choice based on a mix of black-gray cream shadow and pearl glitter. For an extra touch of opulence and fine taste, the famed makeup artist chose to go with a dazzling application of platinum sequins on the upper lashes.

9. Petal-Stained Lips

Petal-Stained Lips

Stained lips are definitely the way to go this fall as opposed to painted lips. You can either experiment with a berry-stained look as showcased on the runways of Prada and Vera Wang, or you could try out a stunning effect of color diffusing outwards as suggested by Marni and Dior.

10. Very Red Lips

Red, Red Lips

Whether you prefer to go with shiny, matte or flat lipstick shades this fall, all you need to do is to make sure you choose red. A fine example would be the look seen on the runways of Nina Ricci, which involved a moisturizing liner paired with an elegant crimson lipstick.

11. Wine-Stained Lips

Wine-Stained Lips

Since we’re talking about makeup choices for the fall season, we couldn’t exclude wine-stained lips from our list. Whether you’ll  go for a dark, purple shade or a cabernet stain, you definitely can’t go wrong with wine-stained shades this season.

12. Punk Edge Look

Grunge Punk Edge Look

Bruise-colored smoky eyes and smudgy eyeliner look great on a pale, blush-free face, which is why Grunge Punk Edge looks were highly appreciated by fashion experts this fall. For an authentic 90s grunge look, you could smudge things up a bit here and there.

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