11 Year Old Asombroso is the Most Expensive Tequila Bottle

Alcohol is meant to be drank when you buy it at low cost, and this can be done in a variety of ways.  Straight, mixed, in a shot, etc.  However, when you start spending money on alcohol like it was something that wasn’t going to disappear overnight, then you have to change your strategy.  You sip alcohol like this, and the Asombroso Collaboration is a masterpiece of sorts, a luxurious, expensive, and premium bottle of alcohol that very well may be one of the most expensive tequila bottles ever to have been produced.  At a staggering $1,800, this tequila is meant to grace your lips, and those of your most esteemed guests.

11 Year Old Asombroso is the Most Expensive Tequila Bottle (2)

11 Year Old Asombroso is the Most Expensive Tequila Bottle (1)

Asombroso is a well known company that specializes in producing some of the most expensive tequilas in the world.  This 11 Year “Collaboration” Tequila has a bottle that is handcrafted with Milefiori glass inside the base and has a stopper that is of a crystal decanter. Not only is the bottle hand crafted and beautiful, but it comes with it’s own lockable wooden humidor that sits upon it’s own laser etched pedestal so you can brag about how luxurious your life is to your friends.  Though the packaging is exquisite, the tequila is really what makes this a very special gift.  Coming in at 11 years of age, “The Collaboration” is a premium tequila, double barrel aged, first for a decade in oak and then for another year in Silver Oak wineries ex-Cabernet Sauvignon American oak barrels.  If that doesn’t sound delicious, I’m not sure what does.  The secrets to the process of distilling this alcohol are a deeply held secret by the founder of Asombroso, Ricardo Gamarra.  Thankfully he will let us taste it when he’s done with it, and only at a price of $1,800, I’m sure the purchase, unwrapping of, and tasting of this perfect tequila will be well worth it.

Here’s how Asombroso describes the taste of this tequila:

“Distinct from any other tequila in the world, with hints of vanilla, oak, butterscotch from the 11 year French oak resting, and a bountiful kiss of fruit, boysenberries and fine-grained tannins from the Silver Oak barrel, which adore the agave and culminate with a taste experience of pure pleasure.”

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Check out Asombroso’s Website Here.

For more specific information about this tequila, head over to GSN Review for more.

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