1001 Nights House by A-cero

Unique house!This futuristic residence was design and recently completed by Spanish studio A-cero.Called 1001 Nights House Project, it has 22,600 square foot and it is located in Madrid ,Spain.The architects said that the residence with  a plot of 7000 m2 the building, with 2100 m2 is perfect for a single family.The residence rises with a high standard design answering the owners’ requirements.The property has parts which are partially hidden by many curved walls that seem to elevate from some water sheets over a stone covering in white, grey and black shades, placed on purpose as a part of the landscape in this area of the plot.

1001 Nights House by A-cero (1)

The architects said that “Besides its sculptural features, typical of the A-cero style, this side of the facade expects the integration of the building in the surrounding environment. A wide stone path, with water sheets on both sides, lead us to a huge black glass door that gives us access inside the property. In the garden, following the wishes of the owners, there are palms, pome granate trees and Middle East vegetation.”

 All the residence is dressed in black villar granite stone. In this part of the property big windows, with hidden woodwork, are opened, achieving a lot of light for the inside space. In the porch, the window in the main living room, of 10 meters, is automatically hidden, connecting indoors and outdoors.



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