10 Richest Celebrity Chefs In The World

Since chefs are masters of gastronomy, they boast unmatched experience and remarkable skill, which is why it’s not at all surprising that they are very well paid even if they are not necessarily celebrities. Adding fame to this prestigious “chef” title is a guaranteed recipe for success, which is why the world’s most famous culinary masters are also the richest in their field. We will now present a top 10 of the highest-paid celebrity chefs in the world, including the likes of Rachael Ray, Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsay.

Celebrity Chefs In The World

Giada De Laurentiiss: $15 million

Giada De Laurentiiss

Giada Pamela De Laurentiis is an American chef of Italian descent who is best known for being the host of a Food Network TV program named Giada at Home. She is the founder of the catering business GDL foods and is a proud winner of the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lifestyle Host. Due to her incredible career success and incredible skill as a chef, Giada De Laurentiis was included into the Culinary Hall of Fame in 2012.

Bobby Flay: $16 million

Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay is a renowned Food Network star who boasts no less than 6 shows. He is also the owner of several restaurants, including Bobby’s Burger Palace, the Bobby Flay Steak in Atlantic City, the Bar American in New York and the Mesa Grill in Las Vegas, New York and the Bahamas. Bobby Flay is currently featured on a television series named “Great Chefs”.

Tom Colicchio and Nobu Matsuhisa: $20 million (tie)

Tom Colicchio and Nobu Matsuhisa

Tom Colicchio is an American celebrity chef who founded the Gramercy Tavern in New York City as well as the Craft and Colicchio & Sons restaurants. Tom was also the main judge on each and every season of the Top Chef show so far, and he received 5 James Beard Foundation Medals for cooking accomplishments during his career.

Nobu Matsuhisa is a celebrity chef who is famous for mixing traditional Japanese dishes with South American ingredients. One of his most famous dishes is “black cod in miso”. In 1994, Nobu and Robert DeNiro partnered up in order to create a massive chain of high-end sushi restaurants. By 2013, Noby had his own hotel inside Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Mario Batali: $25 million

Mario Batali

Mario Batali is a famous American chef and writer. Aside from his extraordinary culinary skills, Mario is also an expert on the history and culture of Italian cuisine. He co-owns several restaurants in very important cities such as Los Angeles, Singapore, Las Vegas, New York and Hong Kong. Batali is the author of 11 highly successful cookbooks.

 Ina Garten: $40 million

Ina Garten

Ina Garten is an American author and Emmy Award winning host of the Food Network program called Barefoot Contessa. She usually prefers recipes that focus on fresh ingredients, and she is also known to impart numerous timesaving tips to her audience. Ina is a self-taught chef since she had no formal training. Some of her most famous dishes include “celery root remoulade”, “coeur a la crème” and “pear clafouti”.

Emeril Lagasse: $50 million

Emeril Lagasse

Emeril John Lagasse is an American chef, TV personality and cookbook author. He became famous by hosting Food Network shows such as Essence of Emeril or Emeril Live, but he is also a regional James Beard Award winner. Emeril initially became known in the culinary world by becoming the executive chef of the Commander’s Palace restaurant. In August 2006, Lagasse created several recipes that were added to the meal selection aboard the International Space Station.

Rachael Ray: $40 million

Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray doesn’t own restaurants but she doesn’t necessarily need to since she is enjoying quite a successful TV career. She learned to manage her culinary empire from Oprah Winfrey herself, and she initially started off her career in 2002 with 2 shows on the Food Network named “30 Minute Meals” and “$40 a Day”. She now has a third show called “Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels”, but she also wrote several highly popular cookbooks.

Wolfgang Puck: $75 million

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck is an Austrian celebrity chef who began to make a name for himself during the 1980s. His Sunset Strip restaurant called Spago used to serve extraordinary Californian cuisine, including a modern version of pizza. Wolfgang is now the proud owner of about 20 high-end dining locales and dozens of catering companies, but he also has his own branded soups and pizzas that are retailed in U.S. supermarkets.

Gordon Ramsay: $80 million

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey is a Scottish celebrity chef and TV personality. He owns 23 restaurants all over the globe, but he is mostly known in the U.S. for presenting TV shows about competitive cookery such as Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares or The F Word. Gordon is planning to increase his popularity as a chef with the help of his casual dining restaurant called The Fat Cow. He also owns a steak house inside the Paris Hotel’s Casino in Las Vegas.

Jamie Oliver: $170 million

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is undoubtedly the richest chef in the world right now, since he is flaunting a worth of no less than $170 million. Also known as “The Naked Chef”, Jamie is famous for his food-orientated TV shows and cookbooks. He often advises against unhealthy diets and strives to improve the overall poor cooking habits of UK and US citizens. Oliver specializes in Italian cuisine but he is quite skilled at preparing all sorts of delicious international dishes.


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