10 Impressive And Beautiful Hotels Around The Globe

When it comes to planning a vacation, choosing the right hotel can be just as important as choosing a great location. Furthermore, even though the world is filled with unique and noteworthy attractions, a gorgeous, comfortable and original hotel can represent the highlight of your trip in itself, but you would obviously need to do some research before you could learn about the where abouts of such an establishment. Luckily for you, we decided to create this list regarding 10 of the world’s most impressive and beautiful hotels, so that you may know exactly where to stay during your next vacation. All you have to do is keep on reading and pick your favorite one.

Kasbah Du Toubkal Hotel

Hotel Puerta America – Madrid, Spain

Hotel Puerta America

Located right in the middle of the renowned entertainment district of Madrid, the Hotel Silken Puerta America is undoubtedly a fantastic place to spend the night at. Thanks to a superb mix of modern décor elements, high-end conveniences and staggering views of the city, this hotel guarantees great comfort and unique experiences for all those who are fortunate enough to book a room within its walls. The hotel features 12 floors and 315 guestrooms, each and every one of them flaunting unique design concepts, colored murals, contemporary furnishings and eccentric bedding options.

One By The Five Hotel – Paris, France

One By The Five Hotel Interior

Since Paris is well known as a city for lovers, almost all of its hotels feature one or more rooms that are dedicated to couples and designed accordingly. The One By The Five Hotel in Paris flaunts several unique and exciting rooms that boast bright and colorful lighting arrangements as well as vibrantly colored decors and furnishings. With playful contrasts of blue, red and green, the rooms are sublime feasts for the senses.

Crazy Bear Hotel – United Kingdom

Crazy Bear Hotel

The Crazy Bear Hotel is one of those establishments that were built specifically for those who appreciate extravagance in its many forms. Whether we’re talking about oversized chandeliers, ridiculously embellished bedrooms or sumptuous bathrooms, the Crazy Bear Hotel has it all. That being said, it’s pretty safe to say that if you choose this remarkable hotel as your next home away from home during your holiday, you’ll definitely learn what it means to live like a king for the duration of your stay.

Katikies Hotel – Santorini, Greece

Katikies Hotel

Flaunting a distinct connection to its surrounding environment, the Katikies Hotel in Santorini is a dreamy establishment to say the least. With picture-perfect views of the nearby sea, this hotel offers unique experiences for its lucky guests thanks to a selection of luxurious living arrangements, high-end amenities and a unique location on a true paradise on Earth. The rooms feature crisp white walls that give off a sense of minimalism, but the comfortable beds, romantic lighting arrangements and breathtaking panoramas also contribute to a feeling of warmth and wellness.

Seven Hotel – Paris, France

Seven Hotel Room

Yet another noteworthy hotel in Paris is the Seven Hotel, which is a relatively affordable but purely spectacular establishment to say the least. Boasting a generous selection of originally decorated suites, the Seven Hotel can be found in the middle of the Latin District of Paris and would undoubtedly meet and surpass all of your expectations regarding luxury and wellness. Better yet, this hotel has starting rates of $325, which is a bargain considering its exclusivity.

Jumbo Stay – Sweden

Jumbo Stay Interior

As you might have guessed, the Jumbo Stay Hotel operates within a repurposed Boeing jumbo jet. Accommodations include small single rooms and larger rooms for up to 4 adults. Even though comforts abound within, the drawback is that only a few accommodations actually benefit from their own toilets and showers, while the others rely on shared access to these facilities. Still, if you were to spend the night in a Jumbo Jet, you’d probably do it for the experience and not for the convenience.

FantaSuite Hotel – Minnesota, USA

Fanta Suite Hotel

The FantaSuite Hotel also deserves a personal visit if you ever find yourself in Minnesota. The hotel includes a generous selection of uniquely themed rooms called “fantasy rooms”, which feature anything from cave-like decors to forest-inspired motifs or designs based on beautiful countries such as Egypt and Greece.

Cabanes Als Arbres – Spain

Cabanes Als Arbres

Tree house hotels seem to be quite popular nowadays, and it’s not hard to understand why once you consider the fact that many individuals would love to spend some time surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of a forest. The Cabanes Als Arbers in Spain promises a tranquil experience thanks to its 10 beautifully appointed tree houses. Even though the tree houses themselves offer basic albeit comfortable living arrangements, the nearby country house called La Vileta includes modern amenities such as showers, living rooms, a swimming pool, parking spaces and a reception area.

Locanda Rosa Rosae Inn – Italy

Locanda Rosa Rosae Inn

Even though it was initially a very old mill from 1570, the Locanda Rosa Rosae Inn is now a very appreciated establishment that tempts with memorable moments of comfort and relaxation in a very unique and picturesque location near Treviso in Italy. The rustic atmosphere and the irreproachable service contribute to a feeling of wellness and relaxation that can hardly be matched by any other inn in the world. Flaunting extraordinary decors that remind of the past as well as comfortable living arrangements anchored in the present, Locanda Rosa Rosae is undoubtedly a perfect place for a romantic vacation.

Kasbah Du Toubkal Hotel – Morocco

Kasbah Du Toubkal Hotel

Placed conveniently at high altitudes in a breathtakingly beautiful location within the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the Kasbah Du Toubkal Hotel offers a one-of-a-kind experience for those who are inspired enough to step through its doors. Accommodations at this award-winning establishment include 14 en-suite rooms as well as 3 family rooms. The terraces, the gardens and the overwhelming views of the nearby mountains are just some of the highlights of this unique and impressive hotel.


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