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Everyone has their favorite holiday destinations, for one reason or another. But if you want to explore the less beaten paths, these 10 destinations are worthy of consideration. Perhaps you will get more difficult, but if you propose to travel really, nothing can stand in your way.

1. Mc Murdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica


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This area of Antarctica is known worldwide as a desert of extremes. In the region Mc Murdo Dry is the Taylor Glacier as and Bloody Falls,a waterfall that is bizarre,with color red.This is caused by the high sulfur and iron in water.

2. Sahara Desert, Africa


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In the Sahara Desert you will meet with Tuaregs. Originally, they were wandering Africans settled in the desert. Here they have formed their own culture, characterized by music, art and craft. Their roots are deeply embedded in the desert, and visitors from around the world can witness their culture and can pay tribute each year during the Desert Festival, held in Timbuktu, or near this settlement in Mali.

3. Colca Valley, Peru


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Colca is an andean valley also, where people live who shared the same culture and have worked the land since time. Rare species of Andean condor, and they have found shelter here, and the place is full of tourists.

4. Pipa Beach, Brazil


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Pipa Beach was once a small but charming fishing village. Now is one of the best surf destinations in the world due to huge waves. The city has become popular and this is reflected in the newly built restaurants and hotels for tourists.

5. Terre-de-Haut Island, Guadeloupe

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This is a beautiful Caribbean island, very quiet. Belongs to France and here are some top resorts, all-inclusive. Terre-de-Haut des Saintes Iles Archipelago belongs and is ideal for relaxation and exploration of local life.

6. Auroville, India


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Auroville was originally created in southern India by Sri Aurobindo Society as a kind of utopian experiment where people from all over the world could live together in harmony and peace. There are approximately 2,000 people who live there go, and the city is a sanctuary used for yoga, known as Matrimandir.

7. Barossa Valley, Australia


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Barossa Valley wine region is popular in Australia especially for Shiraz variety is grown there. The area abounds in very picturesque vineyards and offers many natural beauties.

8. Istria, Croatia


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Istria County in Croatia has a lot to offer visitors. These are found in Stone Age archeological sites and a fantastic Mediterranean climate. The natural beauty of this area is completed by the picturesque coastline, valleys, plains and fjords.

9. Puerto Angel, Mexico


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Puerto Angel region lies on the coast of Oaxaca and has become popular among tourists because of its splendid location, beaches with fine white sand, crystal clear waters and wonderful climate. You can explore the area by boat, there are some nice hotels where you can accommodate.

10. Sparta, Greece


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Sparti is the area where it was once the old and historic Greek city, Sparta. There are many interesting attractions such as the ruins of Sparta, an archaeological museum and tomb of King Leonidas.

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