10 Most Expensive Hermes Handbags

Hermes is a highly respected brand that specializes in perfume products, luxury goods, accessories, ready-to-wear and leather products, but some of its most famous and appreciated products are definitely handbags.Most Expensive Hermes Handbags The company is well known for retailing some of the most expensive handbags in the world, their prices being justified by high-end materials and sublime designs. Consequently, we decided to share with you a top 10 of the most expensive Hermes handbags in the world. Care to have a look?

Most Expensive Hermes Handbags

10. Hermes Birkin Kiwi Candy Collection – $24,995

Hermes Birkin Kiwi Candy Collection

As part of the Hermes Candy collection, this fantastic handbag boasts lichen lining, shiny hardware and high-end leather, which justifies its price tag of no less than $24,995. Moreover, since it measures no less than 19 inches, this gorgeous product is spacious enough to house all day-to-day necessities. Due to its practicality and chicness, the Hermes Birkin Kiwi Candy is the first to be included in our top 10, which means it is the cheapest.

9. Bubblegum Pink Kelly Bag – $28,950

Bubblegum Pink Kelly Bag

Flaunting gold hardware and exquisite Epsom style textured leather, this incredible handbag measures 12 inches and comes with a price tag of $28,950. Upon purchase, the buyer also receives and extra shoulder strap, some dust bags, a Hermes signature lock as well as 2 keys and a clochette.

8. Kelly Handbag in Black – $49,000

Kelly Hermes Bag

Wealthy fashionistas with an acquired taste for luxury would definitely love to own such an exquisite accessory. This Kelly Handbag in Black was made using the best Hermes Crocodile and features Palladium hardware for a plus of sophistication. The price for such exquisiteness is “just” $49,000.

7. Crocodile Exotic Skin Kelly Handbag – $50,000

Crocodile Exotic Skin Kelly

Just to remind you of how expensive the handbags included in our top really are, keep in mind that we’re at no.7 and we’re already breaking the $50,000 barrier. To be fair, we can’t imagine such an exquisite bag being any cheaper, since it flaunts genuine Alligator skin. Other details include a length of 12 inches as well as beautiful yellow hardware.

6. Graphite Crocodile Bag – $85,000

Graphite Crocodile Bag

As one of the most exclusive Hermes products, the Graphite Crocodile bag features some of the most incredible components, including dark brown, glossy authentic crocodile leather as well as the Hermes signature lock and key. The price for this luxurious product is $85,000.

5. Hermes Matte Birkin Crocodile – $120,000

Hermes Matte Birkin Crocodile

Since it costs no less than $120,000, it makes sense that this particular Hermes handbag would boast some precious stones adornments. Consequently, the 11-inch clasp on this exquisite accessory is decorated with 10 carats of white diamonds, while the main body of the bag was made using authentic crocodile skin.

4. Ginza Tanaka crafted Hermes Birkin – $1.9 million

Ginza Tanaka crafted Hermes Birkin

If you have $1.9 million to spend on a handbag, then you should probably consider having a look at this extraordinary Ginza Tanaka creation, which was made out of platinum and adorned with 2,000 diamonds. The glamorous diamond strap that comes with the bag can be used as a necklace or bracelet according to preference, while the 8-carat pear shaped diamond can also be dethatched and used individually.

3. Rouge H Porosus Crocodile Handbag – $1.9 million

Rouge H Porosus Crocodile Handbag

With its 18k white gold hardware and gorgeous diamond decorations, the Rouge H Porosus Crocodile Handbag is a definite eye-catcher due to its bright red appearance. Moreover, due to its high exclusivity, this bag managed to fetch increasingly higher prices each time it was sold at auction, which is why it is currently worth no less than $1.9 million.

2. Kelly Hermes Bag – $2 million

Kelly Handbag in Black

It doesn’t get much more luxurious than this! The Kelly Hermes Bag was manufactured using a weave of gold and rose gold studs that are adorned with a total of 11,303 diamonds. Designed by Pierre Hardy himself, this exceptional accessory features a unique color and lavish materials, which is why it costs exactly $2 million.

1. The Hermes Chaine d’ancre – $2 million

The Hermes Chaine d’ancre

Also flaunting an exorbitant price tag of $2 million is the Hermes Chaine d’ancre, which is part of the brand’s Haute Bijouterie Collection. Its adornments involve 1,160 diamonds as well as white gold studs, while the design itself required 2 whole years to complete. Since it is no.1 on our list regarding the most expensive Hermes bags in the world, the Chaine d’ancre is also highly exclusive with only 3 examples available worldwide.


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